It would be completely unfair to judge a place thousands of miles away to that of a place here in Vancouver. But time and time again, we found ourselves saying, ‘we are definitely spoiled in Vancouver’. In the sense that Vancouver food is always delicious, top notch and consistent. While I can’t say I’m a taco expert, this experience and another one that I’m writing up shortly after this one has been a mediocre experience.

Jawz Tacos is a small army of food trucks (and now with a restaurant in Kihei) that serves Mexican dishes with island flair. This particular truck we visited was located in Kihei next to the beach, just north of Wailea.

We were probably the first customers since it was pretty early (11am). I was with 5 guys, so we all ordered XL tacos (3 soft corn tortillas). I was kind of fish taco-d out between the poke and my first meal when we arrived, so I went for the shrimp tacos. For $11 you get three corn tortillas arranged in a row with toppings. While the portion is massive, it lacked flavour. We all received the same sauce despite whether we ordered fish or shrimp. What could be more beneficial is if they offered salsa or spicy peppers that you can add on your own.

The shrimp was grilled and buttery, but among the shredded lettuce, I really couldn’t find much protein. However, each tortilla was stuffed with cabbage and the fish was fresh.

Brian and I ordered a root beer float ($5 and under the dessert menu). It was literally root beer and a frozen hunk of ice cream. It was a little too sweet for both our liking.

Even though I didn’t personally enjoy this experience, the boys seemed to like it. The Groom visited their actual restaurant and said it wasn’t as fresh as their food truck though.

Getting back to my initial thoughts, when I was eating this massive taco, I was thinking of Tacofino back home and how delicious that taco was for about the same price. In any case, I think that Jawz should definitely offer salsa with their tacos since it seems they do have an extensive salsa bar at their restaurants.




Ambiance: n/a


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