To me, ambiance can really set the mood of a great restaurant. That being said, I can appreciate the hole in the wall asian places back at home that are a little greasy and dingy on the edges. But we’re not talking about those, we’re talking about great ambiance.

It doesn’t have to be state of the art and futuristic. Longhi’s for example, exudes elegance and class just with it’s throwback feel to the ‘plantation days’ as I like to call it. With it’s checkered floors, wide columns, fans and wicker chairs – I absolutely love the feel of this restaurant. Brian and I made the trek early for breakfast. We left this to the last day we were in Maui since the rest of the other days were so jam packed with activities.

It was really quiet, possibly because we were there at 10am. The reason I wanted to eat here before we even came to Maui was a picture I saw on Instagram, I believe of the Travelling Canucks and this enormous cinnamon roll!

Naturally, we ordered this to start. The cinnamon roll was a little bit burnt on one side, but none the less was quite tasty and the icing was sweet and fresh. All their bakery items are made fresh every day, according to our server.

Just to get a feel for the size, I placed my knife next to it!

For my main breakfast, I ordered the French Toast “Longhi Style” ($12) which is made with Grand Marnier, sprinkled with powder sugar, butter and *gasp* coconut syrup instead of maple (you can still get maple, if you’re a big maple fan- but while in Rome!). While my french toast was good, I was a little stuffed from the cinnamon roll, I really shouldn’t have ordered two sweet items. The coconut syrup is very sweet and I’m glad they serve it on the side so I can gauge how much I wanted to add onto my toast.

Brian ordered the Hawaiian Style Pancakes ($14) – three macadamia nut pancakes topped with fresh bananas and coconut syrup. I wish I had ordered this – even though it was also a sweet item, the toasted macadamia on the top of the pancakes and some within the pancake itself was delicious.

Longhi’s is a little bit on the pricier side but it’s not so bad for breakfast and brunch.






Check out their website and menu here.

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