Strange that my first meal in Maui would be of a different ethnicity – Mexican food. But it seems Maui Tacos is everywhere on this island, so maybe it kind of counts as ‘local’ food…right?

From Vancouver to Maui is a 6 hour flight, so Brian and I were pretty hungry and also poorly dressed (jeans and a hoodie just does not cut it when you’re in Maui – but when you’re in transit from rainy Vancouver). Our friend Benson came to pick us up from the airport and asked us if we wanted to grab something to eat. We passed Panda Express, McDonalds on our way towards our condo – obviously nothing I’d want to eat as my first meal in Maui. While we were driving, I noticed they had a Safeway and that we should probably pick up some food for breakfast while we were there.

The plaza had a couple of places to eat (including a Ba Le…super similar to the one here in Vancouver- CRAZY!) and Maui Tacos was one of those places. Sure, I wanted to see how the fish tacos stacked up to the ones here at home.

I’m not going to compare Vancouver tacos vs Maui tacos because to do so would be unfair. Maui Tacos is fast food but fairly good fast food.

Brian ordered enchiladas, which he said was filling but didn’t wow him in any way.

I ordered the fish taco combo, which comes with two grilled fish tacos, rice, your choice of beans, chips and fresh salsa. I took a bite of it before I added the salsa and I didn’t think much of the taco. However, much like any taco, you have to add onto it to really enhance the flavour. I squeezed some lime, jalapenos and added Hula Heat Chile Arbol. This definitely kicked up these tacos a notch. Prices are moderate here.






Check out their website and menu here.

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