I mentioned previously in my review of Monkeypod Kitchen that it always makes me happy to see people so moved by food that they’re inspired to write about it. That’s what food should always make you feel like! Without further ado, I’d like to introduce a friend and inspired food reviewer, Benson Shum. His reviews are always so entertaining, thanks for contributing to the blog!

Dearest Vancouver, after my epic wedding attending adventure in Maui, I believe I’ve found what a real medium rare burger is.  I hope that one day you would realize a medium rare burger isn’t dried cardboard.  And that sides and toppings are meant to compliment and not gang tackle the burger itself.

The Maui Cattle Company Cheeseburger I had at Monkey Pod Kitchen was one of – if not the best – I have ever had.  I have also sampled the appetizers and the name escapes me but their sashimi tacos [Editors Note: Poke Tacos] were spectacular.  The taste and texture was beautifully well paired to tantalize the pallet.

The service was extremely friendly and a brilliant compliment to the food.  The selection of beer on tap was 36, alas I could not partake as I was driving.

The ambience, atmosphere and live music was very refreshing and gave it a very specific local flair.  Thus, the prices reflect the glowing review.  While, you won’t go broke eating here, it certainly isn’t some place you can eat everyday. In conclusion, great food was had and I believe it was well worth the price tag as the food and service were stellar.

If I had to grade by the Final Fantasy limit break scale this would be Meteor Rain.  Fantastic damage and effects infused with style.  No Omni Slash but still very impressive.

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