How can I put into words this fantastic luau located conveniently in Lahaina, Maui? At first, I was a little wary since it was so close to shops and a grocery store – but it’s so tucked away, the thought of being in a ‘busier’ part of Maui melted away.

I would have to say it’s the mix of excitement of everyone around waiting for the lu’au to start but also the magnificent view.

You have the option of sitting on the grass (on pillows of course) or at a table. The tables where you sit on the grass is closer to the entertainment, but although we chose the table, your view is unobstructed.

Before the dinner portion of the evening begins, you can walk around, take pictures, buy hand carved wooden items, learn how to hula and a lot of other fun activities. I decided to go check out the pig that was roasting underground for the entire day, however there was a huge crowd and being small-ish in stature, couldn’t manage to snap a pic.

Our server for the evening always came back to check on us and made sure our drinks were full. He was very entertaining and fun to talk to.

But now back to the important part – which is why you’re here. The food. I have to admit – I tried a bit of everything! They have a great selection and unlike my last visit to Honolulu – you can go back for seconds and there is legimitately seconds! My favourite was obviously the Poke (seasoned raw tuna) which I loaded up on. They also had Tako Poke which was not as delicious as the tuna, but a very refreshing alternative.

There was taro buns served with delicious guava (?? i think) butter. Their steak was delicious and juicy, the teriyaki chicken was great too. The LauLau (pork) which is wrapped in tea leaves was smokey and had a bit of an herbal taste to it infused by the tea leaves. Sweet yam potatoes are served with seafood salad, chicken long rice, different types of salads, mahi mahi, lomi lomi salmon were good as well.

By the way, I forgot to mention that drinks (including alcoholic drinks) are bottomless here, so enjoy.

Before the show starts, we are given a platter of desserts: chocolate macadamia nut brownie, Maui Macadamia Nut Tart, Lillikoi Mousse and Coconut gelatin. My favourite was the tart and lillikoi mousse.

The show was quite the spectacle and told the story of Hawaii from past to present. There were so many dancers and so many great numbers, but my favourite part will always be the Tahitian dancers. I wonder how their hips don’t fall off from all that shaking!

All in all, we had a great time and we were given a mini loaf of banana bread for us to take home (which came in handy for our trek up the mountain to watch the sun rise). I’ve only been to one other lu’au but I would have to say I really enjoyed this one far beyond the previous one I went to. The food was great for a lu’au and the show and view was spectacular. I’d definitely recommend this lu’au if you’re on the island of Maui!






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