I was invited last week to celebrate the start of Taste of Yaletown, which runs until October 27th. The event highlights Yaletown’s restaurants and several were on hand the evening of Oct 17th during the Premiere.

There were items from the menus from restaurants such as Glowbal Grill, George Lounge, New Oxford, Minami, Killjoy, Cache Bistro, Society and a couple more at MINI Yaletown that evening.

I have to say that my favourite of the bunch was Minami, their sushi is so delectable. We were watching the chef torch the top of the nigiri to make a perfectly tasting pressed mackerel. Their station was by far the most popular that by about 6:30pm, it looked like they had to pack up!

Next to them was Yaletown L’Antipasto. They served up Bruchetta Mista (chicken liver pate, olive pate and tomato & basil). Their main event though was definitely their Risotto with Porcini mushrooms. It was great that they cooked it right on site so that the arborio rice wouldn’t be overcooked. The mushroom and sauce was very delicious and the most filling of all the dishes at the event.

Right next to them was George – their main plate was duck confit with smoked local butternut squash and sweet potato puree. This dish was delicious and the butternut squash complimented the duck quite well!

At the Cache station, they were serving duck breast with red onion jam and pulled pork on mini corn bread sliders. Brian, who accompanied me during the event really enjoyed the duck while I enjoyed the pulled pork which was moist and delicious on corn bread.

The New Oxford and killjoy created the Yukon Gold Potato Ravioli and Marinated Olives and Pickles. The potato ravioli was good and served alongside some cauliflower. I unfortunately didnt get to try the olives because it rolled off my plate (party foul!).


Another item I thoroughly enjoyed was from Society – the Canadian Rib Eye Medallion served with a great portion of roasted root vegetables. Just thinking about it makes me drool. They added Cafe de Paris butter on top and blended very well with the meat when you let it melt.

They also had some desserts – the Cherry Cotton Candy Cheesecake and Mac Poutine (basically mac n cheese deep fried and served with some mozza and gravy).

Finally, we tried some crostini from Hamilton Street Grill. On the top of the crostini was bison flat iron steak with tomato jam. It was a great mix of flavour and I really liked the tomato jam.

Looking forward to trying some new places in the next week. Hope you will too! Happy eating!

For more information and menus, visit the Yaletown Business Improvement Association’s website!