I think a lot of people will agree that on the occasion, I love fancy restaurants but for the most part, a great deal is what excites me! Bonchaz offers just that with their VANEATS collaboration. And for $6.50 you get a fulfilling lunch (or snack…depending on your appetite!).

The Super Bonchaz package includes:

A. Bonchaz of your choice:
Original, Banana Walnut, Matcha

B. Sandwich of your choice:
Avocado & Brie, The Vegan, Beef Bulgogi

C. Soup of the Day, with a vegan option available

Please note that I was invited by VANEATS to try this package out, anything extra I paid for myself.

Bonchaz’s newest cafe is right on the busy corner of Main and Broadway. There are other cafes in the same vicinity but none have the same delicious food items that Bonchaz offers – especially their signature bonchaz pastries.

What are Bonchaz (bonchazes?!)? They’re delightful buns that are crisp on the outside but soft on the inside, injected with a great flavour.

If you’ve never had one, I suggest you try one! Today I brought my husband along for the tasting, he loves these VANEATS packages!

He had the Matcha bonchaz and I ordered the Chocolate Truffle separately to start. They offered to toast it up for a bit and it was really comforting to do so on a cold day.

Trying both flavours, I preferred the Matcha bonchaz. Perhaps it’s because I had a lot of chocolate cake during my birthday the past weekend, but it was creamy but light.

I also ordered an Americano, which was prepared beautifully and tasted great.

Our soup was Corn Chowder with spicy sausage.

It was deliciously hearty and we were offered some bread to go along with it.

Amazingly soft and buttery bread.

Finally, the sandwich. I wanted to try the vegetable options but my husband is a lil bit of a vege-ophobe! We stuck with the Beef Bulgogi sandwich which is rib-eye sliced up and marinated in sesame-soy oil, red onion, garlic and a bit of honey atop of their home made hoagie.

For $6.50, this is an amazing deal. I shared this package and had an extra bonchaz and we were both pretty full! Definitely skip the bigger chain coffee shops nearby and check out Bonchaz if you’re in the area! You won’t be disappointed.

You can check out and purchase the package here at the VANEATS website.

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