Not too long ago (a tad too long for me – I should really get on with these reviews!), we ventured into Steveston to celebrate one of our friend’s birthdays.

Turning 29 is a wakeup call that ‘Holy banana, I’m turning 30 next year!’. Thankfully, I have another two years to go before I turn the big 3-0, so my panicking has not begun…..yet.

We kept it simple that evening – there were about 6 guys and 2 girls so, OF COURSE, we ordered two of the Mammoth Platters. This includes Baby back ribs, St. Louis Side Ribs, Dino Ribs, Chicken Quarters, Smoked brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausages and your choice of 6 (yes, SIX) sides for $99/platter.

The boys decided to skip vegetables at all cost this evening. We ordered yam fries, corn bread, hand cut fries, potato wedges and baked beans.

All the meat was delicious. There was a good variation on different smoked items – which was perfect because one of our friends prefer the drier ribs whereas myself, I enjoy the more juicy, succulent, tender, fall off the bone type. The chicken quarters were highly flavorful and juicy.

Gone is 60 seconds! I call dibs on the sausage!

But one of my favourite items on the platter has got to be the smoked sausage – I’d probably eat them all if I didn’t have to share. It was so incredibly flavourful and juicy. Everyone agreed that the pulled pork here at Hogshack is by far the best they’ve had. And I agree –  I find most places have a strange taste to their pulled pork.

Almost gone!

The ‘carbs’ platter (as I called it) was good. I definitely loved their yam fries and potato wedges. I’m also a big fan of cornbread and it’s pretty decent here. It’s a little bit more crumbly and not as dense as I’m used to, but it’s probably better that it’s not too heavy considering what it’s served with.

Finally, for the birthday, we were treated to a delicious taste of their Maple Bacon ice cream. This is like the rainbows and unicorn flavour explosions people keep talking about when they have fantastic food. Not quite sure if this is on the menu, but you can always ask John – who is super fun to chat with on twitter!

I think he may have been a little excited for the Maple Bacon Ice Cream. A little.

Happy Birthday again, Benson!






Visit their website and menu here.

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