I’m not going to deny I am a HUGE Christmas person. I love Christmas and everything associated with it, so when I received an invitation from Joe Fortes for their Christmas tweetup, I was ecstatic! Sure, it’s only the middle of November but tis the season! I brought two of my best men with me  – my husband and my dad- the only other person who is more ridiculously excited about Christmas than yours truly.

Joe Fortes is getting into the Christmas spirit and decided to invite a couple of us down for food, drinks and Santa Claus!

 We had the Canadian Maple Fizz to greet us, a light and sweet cocktail with champagne. It was very enjoyable!

We had all the great regular items that Joe Fortes has to offer on their Happy Hour Menu and Regular Menu including the delicious Seafood Tower, ridiculously big prawn tempuras, lobster bisque and sablefish.

Can’t forget their oysters, shucked fresh in front of our eyes.

I (shockingly!) had at least 4 – and I’m allergic to shellfish. Perhaps I’m not anymore?!

They also passed around turkey sliders with bacon jam!

But the big hit of the night was the Chicken and Waffles – which they have on their brunch menu. These buttermilk waffles were soft but crispy and crispy chicken breast sat on the top drizzled in maple brown butter and a sweet chilli glaze. So good.

Good company and great drinks, another fantastic tweetup by Joe Fortes.

I look forward to more to come! Thank you Joe Fortes for inviting me and for the delicious treats to take home too! I’ll be back for more Chicken & Waffles action!