Over the weekend, I was invited to check out the Vancouver Christmas Market, located at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre featuring German treats, crafts and entertainment.

Luckily for us, the rain held off and the day was quite nice but a bit chilly.

We were guided around the specialty food areas which ranged from a lot of traditional items (like Austrian tea) to more non-traditional items (Cupcakes!).

I think there is no better way to experience European delights than through the vendors here at the Christmas Market.

One of our first stops was to Das Apfelhaus, where they make Brataepfel (stuffed, baked apples) which is a traditional German Christmas dessert.

Our next stop was at Das Deutsche Nudel Haus, where the noodles look a little like beans but because they are rolled that way. You can enjoy it either with sauerkraut and bacon or satisfy your sweet tooth with sugar and cinnamon.

We stopped at the Traditional Candy Hut that sells candy made in Germany and imported here for the Christmas Market. We had a sample of the mulled wine flavour and it was quite nice!

And what is a food tour without some beer? We had a little sample of German Beer from Krombacher, Ayinger Bavarian. I tried the Pilsner and I enjoyed it as it was quite light. But don’t quote me on that, I’m not a beer aficianado!

Our next stop was Fountain and Fruits where there are two cascading, chocolate fountains that they dip fruit in. Mmm, chocolate.

We then met Captain Randy at his Seafood stall. We did get to try the traditional German Mackerel (Steckerlfisch) which was deliciously grilled and served on a stick.

We also visited Das Waffelahaus, where they were making sweet and savoury waffles!

Anyway, now onto the real reason you’re reading this review – Das Essen (the food, in German! Thanks Google Translate! :P)!

My dad who accompanied me in my adventures today decided to go with the grilled bratwurst at the Black Forest Deli and also a pretzel.

This bratwurst was piled with sauerkraut (mm!) and onions. I didn’t get to try it because he inhaled it so fast. The pretzel they serve here is great, it’s very bready and moist than your traditional NYC pretzel.

I went back to a stall we visited during the tour which was the Bavarian Meatloaf and Specialties to try their Bavarian Meatloaf sandwich.

Their meatloaf is deliciously tender, made with pork, onions and spices, they serve a thick slice with great German mustard and on a soft, warm bun.

This was SO good, that I’m hoping they sell this whole at their Steveston location because I’m going to buy some! So amazing.

We also tried the Gluewhein which is mulled wine. Oh my gosh this stuff is strong! We were warned not to have more than two cups because you’d be drunk out of your mind.

I could barely drink two sips it was very heavy in alcohol! For you non-alcoholics like myself, try their apple cider instead!

There are so many great stalls including the Old Tea Haus which imports tea from Austria, Das Schnitzelhaus (where schnitzel is a must try!), Stollen-Haus and if you’re looking to fill your Hurricane Potato craving, they have a stall here too!

There is plenty of entertainment and music to keep you busy too, there are bands playing Christmas music, there’s even a singing competition. Check out all the arts and crafts as well – some hand made wooden and blown glass items that are one of a kind!

The Christmas Market runs from Nov 24th to Dec 24th from 11am-9pm. For more information visit the Vancouver Christmas Market website.