This particular review has a bit of a backstory to it I’d like to tell before I get into the actual food review. A long time ago, when I was six years old – my dad, mom and myself ate at Chartwell’s at the Four Seasons. I told my dad at the tender age of six that when he turned 65, I would take him back here to celebrate.

Of course, being six at the time, I didn’t remember this promise. My dad sort of brought it up a year or two ago and I vowed to remember my promise. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of things going on in my extended family and for that reason – we missed my dad’s birthday which is in May. I promised that when things calmed down a little, that we would celebrate his birthday.

Who knew it would take 5 months for it to settle down. In any case, as you know Chartwells is no longer and now Yew stands in it’s place. I’ve been inside the Yew previously but for a wine tasting, so I had never tried their food. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to bring my dad to keep my promise and to try out a new place!

When we arrived, we were greeted warmly and the staff wished my dad a happy birthday. Our server  (I believe his name is Ahmeed) was fantastic and apparently worked at Chartwells previously! Very cool. We sat in the main dining room and while we waited for our dinner, I really got to take a good look at the place. I have to say that I really love the look of Yew. The high ceilings, dim lighting and wood design are very chic but very warm at the same time. My dad was also impressed with the new look in the Four Seasons.

First to arrive was a bread basket. It had two different kinds of bread in it- corn bread and a rosemary biscuit.

To start, we ordered the Dungeness Crab Tacos with Miso Honey, radishes, sprouts and crushed avocado ($17). These amazing, crispy tacos were chock full of sweet, tender crab that had great flavour and freshness. We also ordered Mussels which are steamed served with tomato, garlic confit, celery and chorizo ($24). I stayed away for the most part due to my shellfish allergy but I did manage to try a little bit of the broth and it was fantastic. My parents and my husband both enjoyed this dish very much as well.

The birthday boy ordered Paella ($28) made with local seafood, chorizo, zucchini, sweet peppers and saffron rice. He thoroughly enjoyed it and was very surprised that he was full at the end of his meal.

My husband ordered the Chicken (which doesnt seem to be on the menu anymore). Anyway, he said the chicken was very tender and he did enjoy his meal.

My mom and I ordered the same dish, the Lobster Pasta (which is also no longer on the menu, their menu changes frequently to accommodate fresh and seasonal choices). Where do I even begin to describe this amazing dish? The noodles cooked to al dente perfection, the sauce just enough to coat the pasta without being overbearing and bursting with garlic flavour, the many chunks of steamed lobster and fresh peas that decorated the fettucini. Absolutely to die for. I would definitely come back just for this alone (when and if they have it on their menu again)!

We managed to save room for Cheesecake ($8) served with blood orange and port sorbet.

I ordered the Tout Chocolate ($9) because of my undying sweet tooth and love for chocolate. This amazing dark chocolate cake is layered in chocolate ganache and served with a delightful round of crispy chocolate.

As we sat, recovering from our big meal and sipping on some coffee, our server came out with these cute eclairs and chocolates on a board that wished my dad a Happy Birthday.

Wow, what a way to celebrate! I managed to catch my dad’s reaction to the surprise! 😉

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any because my parents took them home since he was much too full to eat them but they absolutely enjoyed them the next day with their coffee.

What more is there to say about the Yew? The service is impeccable, the food is phenomenal and the atmosphere is classic. I think I have a new favourite restaurant in town!

Thank you to the Yew for making my dad’s birthday very memorable!






Check out their website and menu here.

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