As I was holiday shopping downtown, I decided all the running back and forth meant a well deserved break at Bel Cafe. My first time here but I didn’t get to stay in and relax as I had to keep shopping and also because it was very busy when I arrived.


I’m assuming it’s always busy because you have to wait to be seated at the cafe itself. But I casually made my way towards the front and looked at all the great pastries, macarons and sandwiches just waiting to be eaten!

I decided to skip food and go straight for a hot chocolate. I ordered the Bel Hot Chocolate, 8oz ($4.80).


The drink was nice and dense and was not too sweet at all. It didn’t really feel like I was drinking a hot chocolate since it had no whip cream on top, but I enjoyed their hot chocolate. It’s not necessarily an indulgent item like other cafes that may be very sweet and would most likely be an after dinner treat. But nonetheless, the creamy milk and hint of sweetness perked me right up for more shopping!






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