I’d like to start off with the fact that you cannot judge a place by it’s cover. Yes, it’s in the middle of Boundary and unfortunately situated next to a Pet Hospital. But pay no mind to these thoughts – when you walk through the door, this long restaurant is one of the cleanest looking Chinese restaurants I’ve ever stepped foot in.

The prices are decent and typical of Chinese restaurants in East Van/Burnaby. This evening Brian and I decided to share Honey Garlic Spareribs ($12) and Sliced Beef Chow Mein ($8.75). The portions were fine for the two of us and we managed to polish off our dishes and were pretty full.

For the most part, the honey garlic spareribs were devoid of bones – which is perfect for me because I’m very clumsy with chopsticks and not fond of having to deal with bones in my Chinese meals (yes, I’m picky). The sauce wasn’t poured on too heavy so you could still taste the meat.

The Beef Chow Mein was similar to one of my favourite dishes – flat noodles with beef and bean sprouts. The beef was tender, but had little flavour to it. Thankfully the noodles were in a great gravy sauce yet still crispy.

And, although I know that fortune cookies aren’t authentically Chinese, I’m happy when I get one at the end of my meal!






Check out their website and menu here.

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