There are a couple areas in Richmond that hold prime dining real estate. One has definitely got to be Continental Square – with Deer Garden, Pearl Castle, Shabu Shabu to name a few – there is a new Chinese restaurant in the Northwestern part of Continental Square called Dragon View.

On the most rarest of occasions, my husband and two of his friends were off work – so we all decided to go dim sum together.

They have all your typical dim sum fare but a little more well polished. The servings are decently sized.

We ordered a couple of dishes including deep fried taro (topped with scallop was a nice touch), siu mai, ha gau, pork buns, deep fried squid tentacles, pan fried radish cake and one of my favourite items: chinese donut wrapped in rice roll.

All the items were fresh and came at a good pace. The place is large and perfect for weddngs as it looks like it’s been updated recently and modernized.

The price of the dishes here are a little on the higher side, but I guess for the new look and the ‘freshness’ of the items, you get what you pay for.






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