Carleen and I went here after shopping extensively at Varda. Varda is a cute boutique full of glamour girl clothing inspired by modern art and the 60s (from what I gather), with the sass, interior design and pump of the 50s. I suppose trying on clothes on my office-fattened body made me more self conscious than usual, so we decided to go with sesame chicken bites and no rice sushi.

The sesame chicken bites weren’t that memorable. But the no rice sushi was absolutely amazing. For the record, I dislike tuna and salmon sashimi. But these were wrapped in avocado and cucumber instead of rice. The cucumber cleansed my mouth and the raw fish was so soft and smooth, it was a pleasure to eat. Carleen had one with deep fried crab in it, and it was wonderful as well. I can’t take deep fried foods too well, but the cucumber seems to ail everything.

What was the most surreal part of the experience is watching Asian TV as you eat. Nothing like gyrating, 90 pound, sexy ladies as you stuff your face. Fabulous!