Whole Foods Market recently invited me and Nathalie to check out their holiday items that are perfect for gifts and items that have just recently launched to the public.

Denise Breyley, the Local Forager for Whole Foods shared a little background information on several items including how some local producers come in to drop off their items and how Whole Foods share their stories in-store.

We had a bit of time to try some offerings from their catering department. I never really thought of it, but I would imagine a Whole Foods Market catered event as being delicious and healthy.

They really spoiled us with the swag bag we were sent home with – to be honest I haven’t even gone through half of the items in the bag yet. I absolutely love the Happy Planet Thai Coconut soup that came with my bag – it’s gluten free, cholesterol free, vegetarian and dairy free. But just because it’s free of all that stuff doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious! This soup (good for two to three people) is full of baby corn, cilantro and chilies.

I had a little bit of the Beta 5 dark chocolate and it is simply a treat. Some other items include Terra Braed’s Pecan Fruit crisps, happy planet ‘shots’ for Immunity and Detox, Meyer Lemon spread, Chocolate Raspberry balsamic spread, Gone Crackers and some holiday popcorn!

I always love going to Whole Foods events because I feel like I learn something new every time. To read up on more products and recipes, visit their website.