Sure you could go to your local grocers and buy a platter – but, depending on where you buy it from – did you know they use left overs to create it? Ick! Again, not all places but most do. Why not make your own?

You can put just about anything on a plate – try to have the staples like olives, sliced meat and some sort of pickled, roasted or dried veggie.

From left, working clockwise:
Olives (from the olive bar at my local grocery store)
Pepperoncini Peppers (pickled, a jar)
Sliced Meats – “Panini Meat Pack” from Costco
Laughing Cow Party Cubes (French onion, Blue Cheese and Mushroom flavoured)
Boccocini (party sized)
Grape Tomatoes

Some tips putting the plate together:
1. Try to drain the liquid from any of the veggies and cheeses, use dividers to keep flavours where they should be.

2. Roll longer meat slices, fold circular meat slices into four.