It’s 2am in the morning and you are HUNGRY. Where do you go? Will it be instant noodles? Hit up the local 7-11 or McDonalds? These might be more viable options than Knight and Day.

Knight and Day is located right across the McDonalds on Lougheed Highway – the border of Vancouver and Burnaby. And what creatures lurk there at 2 in the morning you ask (other than me and my husband)? As seedy as you want to imagine it to be, it’s just weary travellers and students who have probably been staying up working on projects or studying for midterms. It also depends on what day of the week you’re there, I could see this being a big of a hot spot for post-club diners.

I don’t remember what our excuse was for eating so late – might’ve been the old excessive gaming for B and working till I forget what time it is. In any case, we ordered two very different meals.

I went with breakfast, Two pancakes, two bacon, sausages and eggs. There is nothing relatively nice for me to say about my meal, but at the same time, I’m eating breakfast at 2 in the morning, so I guess I can’t really complain either. I think the bacon was probably the tastiest part of this meal. My pancakes were rubbery and my sausages were dried up to a crisp.

Brian’s meal looked far more appetizing than my own, but he said it was just alright. From the looks of it, the patty was overcooked, paper thin and dry. The ‘onion rings’ were a good addition but overall very dry.

Would I come here again for a late night eat? Most likely not. There are so many other places open super late or 24 hours (*cough* Kim Penh, Foundation, Duffins *cough*) that there was really no excuse for me to eat here.






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