I had lunch with my folks recently at Shaolin Noodle House on Broadway, at their new location located between Ash and Heather. What I love about Chinese cuisine (Asian cuisine, really) is how diverse it is. You have Canton style cooking, Shanghai style, Taiwanese (hello beef noodles!) and so many other nuances – it’s simply remarkable. I feel like I try something new every time.

We arrived and it was fairly busy, but I’m assuming it is always like this. This place is pretty popular. We sat down and were served tea right away. Our server was really nice and spoke English.

My mom ordered #63 – Seafood & Vegetables in Soup ($8.55). This bowl was big and definitely full of veggies and assorted seafood like shrimp and fish balls. She also had thick noodles in it. These noodles called “Pushing” noodles.

For a bit, I was a little confused as to what meant what – but thankfully a friend filled me in. Cutting Noodles are long and flat, similar to flat rice noodles, Dragging Noodles are round, chow-mein like noodles and Pushing Noodles look like Shanghai noodles (round and thicker than chow mein noodles).

The broth of the soup was light in flavour and the noodles were slightly chewy and delicious.

My dad ordered the Buddha Birthday Noodles with Chicken ($8.95). It was served interestingly this way. The crispy deep fried ‘Dragging’ Noodles served on one plate and the sauce, veggies and meat in it’s own bowl. We paused and my parents wondered how we would eat this? I told them to cut up the fried noodles and pour the sauce over them, it was great. This is one of my favourites for the meal- but I’ve always been a fan of crunchy chow mein noodles.

We also ordered some appetizers – one being the beef pancake ($4.25). My dad and my sister went here recently and ordered the green onion, but I wanted to try the beef. This crispy, deep fried dish was rice pancake sandwiching tender and juicy beef in the middle. Deep fried heaven.

One of their specialities is the Pan Fried Dumpings ($10.95) which come with either Pork or Vegetarian filling. These are definitely not the type of dumplings you are used to. First of all, they’re gigantic. They are also almost bread like in texture – similar to steamed buns almost. The crispy exterior provides a great crunch but inside is soft, doughy and filled with either meat or vegetables. Personally, I like the meat variation better – I found the vegetable ones a little drier. They gave us dipping bowls for soy sauce, but no need.

These are quite heavy, they could almost be a meal for two.

Brian ordered #1 – Cutting Noodles fried with BBQ Pork and Veggies ($8.95). This huge plate of noodles could’ve literally fed us both, I don’t know why we didn’t just share everything. I liked the taste of the noodles, it was light and not too overpowering and they slice the BBQ pork thinner than most places which makes it more pleasant to eat.

Apologies for the terrible photo but my dish is #7 – Pushing Noodles with Beef, Green and Red Pepper, Onion and Black Pepper ($9.95). I definitely enjoyed this dish. The black pepper was very tasty but not too overbearing on the dish. It gave it a great ‘bite’ and there was a good amount of veggies and beef. The noodles were delicious and chewy too.

When you enter, you can even watch them hand stretch the noodles – or even wave Hi and thank your Chef like we did!

Would I come back? Yes. But I would definitely not order as much as we did, we didn’t even finish half of what we ate, it was so filling! Plus the price point is affordable and the service is quick.






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