Though this place isn’t covered in televisions, I though this would be a good place to watch hockey. Caffe Barney isn’t ridiculously busy as downtown would be in comparison, but a cool crowd comes by and the food is fantastic. The food is western, bar, burgers-ribs type but it is made with care. Paul and I came here before Glory Days at the Biltmore. I did not have time to snap pictures of the food or Caffe Barney at night, but came back the day after to snap a photo of the venue.

Paul was hungry from being hung over from a surprise party his friends threw for their friend Ryan. I was not hungry, as my stomach was aching from the amount of vodka I drank with my friend Selma, because it was her birthday the night prior as well. We ordered the ribs, which was served with mac and cheese with a side of fries to share. In the meantime, Paul told me about his surprise party. It sounded like a fun night, where someone apparently breakdanced in an empty room in Paul’s house. The waitress brought us Paul’s Brown Ale and my diet Coke. My stomach flopped from the vodka permeating all over my body, so I played it safe tonight.

I had a good laugh about how Paul and his friends built up the surprise. Everyone hid in the kitchen as the four main guyfriends hung out around the pool table, laying out a game of Risk, to hide what surprise was awaiting Ryan. I told him about the epic fight infront of Goldy’s downtown during Selma’s night, where it was Asians vs. Russians as we ate our pizza. They were told to go elsewhere so I didn’t see the full fledged fight in the end, but it seemed like the Asians came back unscathed and continued to eat their pizza. I took a swig of Paul’s beer as he continued his story after mine. I loved the beer’s sweet undertone but full bodied flavour.

Then came the food. The ribs were delicious! There were two layers of them. The mac and cheese was creamy, the spoon even had a puddle of cheese you ate the macaroni. The bread crumbs ontop soaked the extra creaminess, but it was overall delicious. You don’t see that combination of mac-cheese-ribs, so it was delicious. The food was so delicious, I could imagine just this would be the most amazing venue to watch a game at with a couple few friends and not to go too hog wild.

We slowly ate the side of fries and talked about the rest of Paul’s night. I was not at the party, but the night prior was at Paul’s place, so I saw the cake Ryan’s girlfriend got him which was super cool. It was a Mass Effect themed cake – you don’t see those around often! Speaking of cake, the waitress came by and offered us a chocolate cake but we were pretty much done and almost finished our beer and soda. I glanced at the game finishing up and they changed it to some old film noir when the game finished.

I would recommend Caffe Barney for anyone who wants to go out for game night but not go too crazy!