Recently, I met up with Diana (Foodology) and Amy (Food Queen) for a catch up brunch. It’s a little strange that we all haven’t been to Chewies’ previously, but I enjoy every time I get to hang out and try new food with them. Dining with food bloggers is a comforting thing for me, because I don’t feel stressed about people waiting for me to take my photos! Not that any of my other friends get impatient, but it’s just a bit less stressful. Also, I love reading their take on their meals as well.

We got to Chewies’ right when they opened so we were seated immediately. It was a little early for us on a weekend but we didn’t let that deter us from ordering some fresh oysters to start our meal.

We ordered 3 different types of oysters – however I cannot remember their specific names as we let our server choose for us. They were all very delicious and refreshing.

The oysters were served with lemon, a mountain of horseradish and a bucket of different sauces: champagne mignonette, a type of cocktail sauce and habanero chill. I definitely enjoyed the habanero and mignonette!

For our mains, Diana ordered the Braised Short Rib Hash ($15 – braised short rib, black eyed peas, smoked Gouda, diced Kennebec potato home fries with 2 poached eggs). It was a delicious and filling dish.

Amy and I were on the same wavelength, we ordered the Southern Fried Chicken and Waffles ($12 – buttermilk waffles topped with fried chicken, apple chutney drizzled with Cajun honey butter). We heard great things about the chicken and waffles and we definitely heard right! The waffles are dense and slightly sweet with the honey. The chicken is crispy and crunchy on the outside yet still juicy on the inside. The portion is good and deceiving, as it’ll fill you up quite nicely.

We finished off our meal with a couple coffees and since they kind of figured we were all bloggers (I guess the fact we all had cameras armed and ready, it kind of gave it away!) – they sent us French Quarter Beignets ($6 – Cafe du Monde style classic beignets, chicory coffee anglaise) on the house. These wonderfully puffy doughnut like beignets are light and airy in the middle and served with Chicory coffee anglaise – a dessert sauce popular in New Orleans.

Speaking of the Big Easy, Chewies’ is definitely in place and practice, laid back with great food. The atmosphere is unpretentious, so is the staff. They’re entertaining, helpful, funny and they’re never overbearing. They make sure your cup is always full and that you’re enjoying yourself – for real. Not the obligatory – come over once you’re mouth is full so you can’t make any complaints type of places. I think that since they are off the main Kitsilano area (4th) – they also avoid the type casting of Kitsilano.

I’d definitely come back here again for brunch and also to try their lunch and dinner as well! Be sure to check out Amy’s Review and Diana’s Review.

Check out their menu and website here.






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