After injuring myself on the first evening of Dine Out and being banished to staying at home, it was nice to finally get out this week and walk around downtown. This included having lunch at the ever popular Finch’s on Homer and Cordova Pender (thanks Sean!). I had a late lunch, so it wasn’t too busy when I arrived.

The cafe is very cool, with lots of old items and a chalkboard menu framed in pretty wooden carved frames. For some strange reason, the interior reminded me of San Francisco.

I was greeted warmly by the woman at the cashier and I was looking for a specific sandwich – she explained that one of the menu boards fell down and what I was looking for was probably on it. I took a look at it wasn’t. However, she suggested that I order the Avocado sandwich ($8.75) and add proscuitto to it (which I did happily). I ordered a Black Cherry soda to accompany my lunch. She asked for my name and I sat down near the window.

This quaint cafe was nice, there were all walks of life eating here – young, old, working, retired, etc. I got to people watch while waiting for my order, which I have to admit is one of my favourite past times when I’m bored.

My baguette arrived and it is definitely a piece of art to marvel at. The presentation is spectacular and the ingredients pair well with one another.

The baguette consisted of avocado, cucumber, Edam cheese, lettuce, chopped walnuts and proscuitto with Dijon mustard. I took my first bite and it was amazing. It was healthy and flavourful. The vegetables were crunchy and refreshing, the avocado provided the filling and buttery taste while the walnuts gave it a great crunch. This is definitely a formidable sandwich!

I’d love to come back here to try the salads and different sandwiches – the best time to go is after 1:30-2pm. That’s when I went and the cafe was thinning out with just us late lunch stragglers left!

Food: 5

Service: 5

Value: 4

Ambiance: 4


Check out their menu and hours here.
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