Over the weekend, Nathalie, my aunt and cousin visiting from Toronto and I headed on down to Thierry’s for the Hot Chocolate Festival and to also introduce this new addiction to them. Nathalie is covering the Hot Chocolate Festival and she mentioned she was inviting our relatives to one. I asked her where and when she said Thierrys, she didn’t have to speak any further – I was in!

We all experienced the Maranon Hot Chocolate ($9.75) – which is the World’s Rarest Chocolate. The entire cup is almost entirely made of the Maranon chocolate with a hint of cream and sugar.

According to the Maranon Chocolate website, the beans were lost for 100 years and rediscovered in Peru. The hot chocolate has a very slight nutty taste to it that lingers a little bit after you’ve had your first taste. The hot chocolate itself is initially very heavy at first sip but becomes lighter – very different from the indulgent liquid hot chocolate they also serve at Thierry’s.

The Maranon Hot Chocolate is served with creme fraiche on the side, alongside a Maranon-dipped madeleine.

The lemony flavour of the madeleine helped cut the indulgent taste of the hot chocolate.

I also ordered one of my favourite indulgent treats at Thierry: the Chocolate Tart ($7.75) made with 55% chocolate and a light flaky crust. Unfortunately, we were all so full from the hot chocolate itself that between the four of us couldn’t finish this tart!

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