Back when I was in Emily Carr University, one of our after school places to eat was Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe. The cafe lives up to its vinyl sticker out front: this is a good place to end your diet. Whenever I’m feeling like a quick but delicious grab to eat, I come here. It can be insanely busy but the service is pretty fast usually. I was at the Pine Clinic learning about OPTIONS! I am turning twenty four soon, so I was inquiring about what the age restrictions were for youth clinics. We have it pretty good in BC that youth have access to this service, but I always remember these clinics being super packed all the time. It’s definitely a half-day commitment sometimes, I recall always being hungry after clinic trips. After my trip, I went to Moule to look at houseware (this place makes me really, really want a house) and waited for a friend to go to Sophie’s with.

This time I had the Deluxe Beef Burger with a coke in a glass bottle. Sophie’s is very kitschy, as the restaurant is packed with 50s art, diner items and random pop art. The restaurant is cartoon coloured and lively. The burger was filling but not greasy, the fries are always my favorite because they’re crispy with a small drizzle of salt. The burger isn’t of Fatburger epicness, Sophie’s burgers are what the food is supposed to be: comfort food, not Epic Meal Time, wrap all-even-the-bill in bacon.

My friend and I decided to go to her house afterwards on York & 1st street, just down the way. When we arrived at her flat, we realized we both, synchronously left our umbrellas at Sophie’s. We went back and asked for them, and we all had a good laugh about doubly forgetting the umbrellas. The staff is always pretty friendly and nice, and since most are younger, have a candid sense of humour.

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