This is a wonderful cheap eat/diner on Main Street. I know people like Lucy’s for its 24 hours service, but I thought this small cafe run by an Asian family was quite good for being $2.50-8.

I was with my friend Celia talking about her latest film she is working on. She studies film at Capilano, which I think sounds fantastic. I want to see the facility they upgraded with the $100,000 they received recently. We mostly talked about how girls grow up and view their sexuality – I can’t say exactly what in specific because she may want to keep her film on the downlow at the moment. Pretty deep stuff on Family Day in a quaint diner, but I think her documentary is important. I recall growing up with sexual education and thinking now that it’s completely useless in my adult life. There was more to it, but this is when our food came around.

I ordered pancakes, and she ordered the English muffin. My pancakes were $2.50, and they were huge! The English Muffin she ate smelled good, that greasy good that I wanted yesterday morning hang-over style, the thick gourmet miasma that wafts into your nostrils and makes you think of bacon, eggs, cheese, everything that makes mornings awesome. I ordered coffee as well. I find usually it tastes like water and dirt at dives, but the coffee here was decent. Not too strong, but not of a low grade where you can taste the sitting bitterness.

You know – it’s not super fine dining, but if you don’t want to break the bank but want a good meal, I suggest this cafe in a cholesterol heartbeat.


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