[Editor’s Note: The good people at Vaneats.ca provided tickets to the Biltmore’s Glory Days Show. All photography done by Nathalie de los Santos]

This party is good for anyone looking for an alternative to Granville street, still equipped with sweet beats, minus the d-bags and in a quieter area to get home later on in the evening. And come on, drinks are in the $3.75-8 ballpark – you are gonna get drunk and dance your weekend warrior heart out.

The benches were lined with PBR, drinks were getting tossed as the dancefloor packed with the young, hip, romantic youth-to-mid age scene of Vancouver. The smoke machine lifted its fog in the glowing G & D symbols at the DJ booth. A young man flashed his chest at a security guard, young women danced in stockings and flats, the band came on and bathed everyone in a blue, purple and red bath of light.

They invited us on stage and we dance and sang with them. I saw Fluevogs to Skate shoes, flats to glittering high heels, little black dresses to plaid button up shirts, gator, leather pointed shoes to dreadlocks and tuques, t-shirts to sleek little thigh high skirts. You can dress up or down and even the hoboest looking person made up with gratuitous dancing. No gives a f–k. Crush that PBR can and dance.