Delizioso! If a place makes you break out in their language to profess your love for it, then you know it has to be solid. While my Italian is fairly limited and mostly influenced by my Aunt and Uncle living in Toronto, I’m definitely feeling the love for a recent visit to Via Tevere.

Nicole’s birthday was just several days ago and she decided to try this place out. What an amazing idea. Via Tevere is just off Commercial Drive past 1st, but that doesn’t deter people from lining up and waiting for more than an hour to eat here. We waited 1 hour and 25 minutes. Was it worth the wait? I did enjoy it a lot, but I did eat a little before we arrived knowing I’d be waiting. If I was hungry, I don’t think the wait would’ve helped!

The restaurant is small with the wood-fired oven right in the middle of the restaurant. The prep area for the pizza is also here. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts there is a very strict set of rules laid out for true Neapolitan Pizza including the type of flour, tomatoes, mozza and olive oils they use, how long it’s cooked and at what temperature, size and finish. This dedication is what sets apart your typical run of the mill pizza joint and one made with passion and prestige.

We started off with the Antipasto misto ($18) which is supposed to serve two. I think that this would definitely be perfect for two people. There are slices of Italian cured meats, cheeses, deliciously pickled and roasted Italian veggies (eggplant, roasted red peppers, zucchini) and warm olives. The bread is also great and made in house daily.

We ordered the Pasta del Giorno ($14) to share as well. Today it was Rigatoni with Meat Sauce. The Rigatoni was perfectly made al dente and the meat sauce was generous but not overwhelming. It’s topped with parmigiano reggiano (which, by the way is the best thing that has ever happened to pasta – try it out next time you make some!).

For the 7 of us, we ordered 4 different pizzas: Quattro Formaggi, Salsiccia e Rapini, Proscuitto e Funghi (all $16) and Capricciosa ($19).

The Capricciosa is made with tomato, fior di latte, proscuitto cot to, salami, artichokes, mushroom and olives. This was my first slice and it was delicious. With these types of pizza, it’s all about the simplicity and although this has many toppings, they all balance one another out and are not overwhelming in flavour. The subtle taste of the pizza makes it easy to eat several slices without feeling completely full.

Next up, Quattro Formaggi (Fior di latte, ricotta, smoked provolone, parmigiano). Amazing flavour with the types of different cheeses on this pizza. I spiced up my slice with a little bit of the basil olive oil and it was amazing.

The Salsiccia e Rapini (made with red sauce) is fior di latte, Italian sausage and rapini. I’m not gonna lie, I love rapini! It’s a great side dish with Italian meals (sauté with garlic) and also fantastic in soup. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced Rapini on a pizza and I still loved it. The sausage gives it good depth and provides a ‘heavier’ meal if you were to order this one.

Finally, the Proscuitto e Funghi (tomato, fior di latte, proscuitto, mushrooms). Another favourite of mine for the evening. Two of my favourite things combined together in a pizza. The mushrooms had great depth of flavour and the proscuitto helped fill out the rest of the pizza.

And to wrap up this amazing meal, we polished off two desserts. First up, the Graffe con Nutella ($3/person – which is basically one donut per person). These handmade Neapolitan fritters are made fresh and to order and covered in a beautiful sugar/cinnamon dust. Nutella is normally drizzled on top, but since we had a couple people in the crowd with some allergies, it was served on the side – perfect! This is basically a gigantic doughnut and quite heavy and filling! It’s great with coffee, crisp on the outside but soft and doughy on the inside. It’s easy to eat on its own, but the nutella really gives it that ‘dessert’ feeling to it.

Tiramisu ($8). I’ve said this time and again, but it’s really hard for me to find great Tiramisu in the city – I’ve been spoiled by my Aunt’s amazing Tiramisu and I have found none that can rival it’s deliciousness. However, after saying all that – I have to say that this tiramisu is VERY VERY close to her recipe. This is the type of Tiramisu I was introduced to and enjoy – layers of lady fingers that are drenched in coffee and sandwiched with delicious Mascarpone cream. My aunt uses alcohol in hers, so perhaps this is one reason why it’s just so damn good! Anyway, I suggest you try out the Tiramisu here, it’s the best in the city. Boom! There I said it!

With full bellies and happy smiles, we left. There were still people waiting for a spot even after 9! I can see why you would. I’ll definitely have to come back soon and bring my husband for a night out!

I’d like to wish my bestie for life, Nickie a Happy Birthday!






Check out their menu here.

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