Nathalie and I were coming back from an event on a rainy evening, looking for a place to eat. We tried several places but they were closed, so we decided to try Alexis – a Greek restaurant in Cambie Village. The restaurant has been serving Vancouver since 1977 which is great staying power.

There are two ways to eat here at Alexis’, you can either get individual platters for yourself and guests or you can do share plates (Meze). This evening though, Nathalie and I were hungry so we ordered our own plates. We both decided to try specials they had that evening.

Nathalie ordered Shrimp served with Greek salad, rice pilaff, roast potatoes and tzatziki sauce. Her meal was very filling.

I ordered their Steak special, which is served with the same sides as Nat’s. The meal was very filling and my steak was medium rare like I requested. The quality of the steak and some of the vegetables could be better – perhaps shop at the local Organics market across the street? With the prices here ($12-16 a platter), it wouldn’t be too difficult to make the switch to better quality items.

I feel that this restaurant has a certain neighbourhood charm to it and that the menu items have not changed much over time. While the meal was good, it wasn’t very memorable – but not too bad of a choice if you’re craving Greek in the Cambie Village.






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