Dunn’s Famous is participating in Vancouver Foodster’s Cheesecake Challenge and invited me to come try their cheesecake out.

It was definitely a no brainer to have lunch here, so I started off with the Famous Dunn’s Reuben – served with Montreal smoked meat double stacked on dark rye, sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese. You have to go with medium fat at least to really enjoy the great smoked meat available at Dunn’s.

Their smoked meat is hot smoked for 17 hours, steamed for 3 to tenderize it just before serving and hand sliced to order. This monstrous dish is a great treat, but you’ll probably have to share!

And now onto the real reason I was here – the Cheesecake. This is made with their original Montreal recipe, which is a secret. However, I managed to get a little info from Kate (who is, by the way a fantastic and friendly person to talk to). It’s made with three different cheese and a strawberry coulis. Their cheesecake is baked in-house with fresh strawberries.

The cheesecake is fluffy and has no crust – which works really well here, as the texture comes from the crunchy bits on the back of the cheesecake. This also means more cheesecake. I am a big cheesecake fan and this is one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had in a long time. While not your typical heavy block type cheesecake, it definitely is up there in my ‘Best Cheesecakes of All Time’ list (yep, I have one of those).

You have until March 31st to vote for your favourite cheesecake around the city. Good luck to Dunn’s! You can vote here.

Please note that I was invited to try their Cheesecake and my meal was paid for.


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