Several weeks ago, we had a work brunch and Amy recommended checking out Nelson the Seagull. Nelson the Seagull is located on the precipice of trendy Gastown and the DTES. There has been a lot of talk of gentrification around the area with restaurants being a target of these heated debates, but our walk to the area had little to no tension.

The cafe is simple in concept, design and open space. I’m serious about the open space as the kitchen is wide open and placed at the very back of the space! There are two big areas with long tables to do work at and a couple smaller tables and a couch area.

Nelson the Seagull strives to be simplistic with local fare, fresh baked bread and no snobby coffee additions. Speaking of which, their menu is straight forward and just as simple.

For brunch, I ordered Avocado on Toast ($6) and some tea. I was just getting my tastebuds back from a long and arduous cold, so I thought it would be best not to completely tantalize my senses yet! The avocado toast was marvellous. The bread is made fresh – I’m not too sure whether it’s made in-house but it’s great bread. Avocado is best described as nature’s butter, so I had no problem munching away on it atop this great bread.

Eating simple, healthy and fresh is so easy to do in our city. We’re very lucky to have places like these!






Check out their menu and website here.

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