As I’ve mentioned before in my previous post of New Town Bakery, I grew up going here for siao pao (their steamed buns), buchi buchi (sesame balls with red bean) and puto (steamed white rice cake). So New Town will always have a special place in my foodie heart and stomach.

This time, I ventured down with my mom to their new location (which is very clean and a little more spacious than their previous space).

Today we ordered Sesame Balls, Apple Tarts and Egg Pie.

If you haven’t had a chance to try their Apple Tarts – you MUST. They are delicious and I have no idea why and how I never knew they existed until my husband introduced me to them when we started dating.

The Egg Pie is lighter in taste in comparison to say, Goldilocks or something you’d make at home. My mom wasn’t a big fan of it, but I thought it was good. It could use a little more crust as it was fairly moist on the bottom.

If you get to check out New Town Bakery make sure you order a Special Steamed Bun or their chicken one (those are my two faves) and definitely their apple tarts!

Based on their siao pao and apple tarts 





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