I visited Creme de la Crumb at their Still Creek location on their First Year Anniversary this past week. I was expecting it to be just a bakery with baked goods but I was more than pleasantly surprised that it was a big cafe that served hot food, salads, sandwiches, coffee and desserts.

The seating area is nice too, a lot of single spots near the windows and a couple tables for groups.

The prices for food is very reasonable here, for 1 main and 2 sides it’s $10.95, 1 main and 1 side is $9.80, a main by itself is $5.75 and a side is $4.85. They also have soups ($4.75), a salad bar, sandwiches, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and a full coffee bar. All those prices include GST already.

I had one main and one side – and yes, it was carbalicious. I had the Vegetarian Lasagna and the Mushroom Ravioli. The Vegetarian lasagna was creamy and lighter than I expected it to be, there was some bread crumbs on the top to give it a bit of texture. The Mushroom Ravioli was delicious, I noticed there was some artichokes tossed with it, but not sure if it was intentional. In any case, the ravioli didn’t have (or need) that much sauce to it. I was so full, I could’ve just ate the ravioli on it’s own.

For their anniversary, they were offering free bar drinks and some mini cupcakes to sample. I had a latte which had a great roasted espresso to it (it was almost cocoa-y in taste). This cute lil mini cupcake is their chocolate and vanilla. Moist and made with great tasting chocolate, the cake part was great. The top vanilla icing was buttery and sweet, which made this a great little treat.

Before I left, I took three of their cupcakes from Bluebird Cakery to go. They’re $2.95 each and the flavours change on a weekly basis. This week they had Red Velvet, Blueberry Cheesecake and Mango Chocolate.

The Red Velvet is made with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting and is moist and definitely a decadent treat.

The Blueberry Cheesecake is the most interesting looking and tasting – it’s vanilla cake filled with house made blueberry compote and topped with cream cheese frosting and graham cracker crunch.

Finally, the Mango Chocolate – it’s chocolate cake with mango curd and mango buttercream. Mango and chocolate? Whoever thought of marrying these two together is a genius. These cupcakes are tasty and sweet, so they’d be perfect for a dessert or with a coffee.

Now that I know this place exists very close to where I am, I might be coming by more often!

Happy Anniversary to Creme de la Crumb!






For their menu and location information, check out their website here. Also check out BlueBird Cakery’s website!

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