This evening, I was invited to the Hyatt’s Grain Tasting Bar event. It was held to promote the new menu items that were just released the other day. Let me start with the beautiful space. By far one of the most nicest bars in the city, it is also one of the most comfortable ones to sit in. I had quite the adventure of sitting at the bar, in the patio area and at the booths and all three areas were comfortable with plenty of room to move around.

Photo provided by Grain Tasting Bar

The central bar is elegant and simple, as you watch your Mixologist serve up a beautiful cocktail. The area in the back are booths with integrated media panels (televisions) – one for every booth. Again, very beautiful design. Now, the ‘patio’ area is a open air concept with their windows being able to be rolled to either ends to create the al fresco vibe. This is perfect for those who want fresh air and want to people watch.

Photo provided by Grain Tasting Bar

Okay, now back to the food. Some of the appetizers being passed around were new including the Tuna Tartare and the Bruschetta. I enjoyed both but the bruschetta was very delicious.

At the very back of Grain was a charcuterie and cheese station set up showcasing some of Oyama Sausage Company’s delicious meats.

They also serve some local cheeses from places like Salt Spring Island Cheese Company and Little Qualicum Cheeseworks.

My favourites from Oyama were the House-made Duck Prosciutto, Finocchiona and Beef Bresaola. If you’ve never experienced the Duck Proscuitto from Oyama, I suggest you do!

They were also serving Shrimp Cocktail and Shucked Oysters at the bar, but I’m not too sure whether this is on their regular menu.

We can’t forget the great drinks! Not photographed but very delicious is the Honey & Basil (Victoria Gin, Basil, house-made honey simple syrup, fresh lemon and lime). Amazing.

 To start off our evening, Brian and I tasted the Ginger Pear Martini and Vanilla Sky cocktails. They are both very strong in their own flavour, so silly me to try both at the same time. The Ginger Pear Martini had a great balance of flavour and not too overwhelming on the ginger taste (which I dislike). Brian’s Vanilla Sky cocktail was quite nice, not too sweet and he said that he didn’t really taste too much of the smokiness of the whiskey in it.

My next drink was the Strawberry Mojito – which I got without any alcohol was so delicious. The muddle of basil and the chunks of strawberry was so delicious that it could be not only a drink but a refreshing dessert! Brian ordered a Red Truck Lager, which he enjoyed as well.

I’d definitely like to come back here again for a couple of drinks in the summer time when they open up their window area, this is definitely a beautiful space that needs to be occupied!

Thank you to all the managers, bartenders and Chef Thomas for their hospitality this evening!

Review I was invited to this event and all food and beverage was complimentary.

Check out their website and menu here.
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