Both familiar and foreign to me, Indian cuisine is a bit of a mystery. How can it be both, you ask? Familiar because growing up around lovely East Indian mothers who love to cook and bring their delicious creations to work or over to our place when we have guests. Foreign because I’m sure I’ve only really scratched the surface of experiencing Indian cuisine and all the lovely herbs and spices that go into the dishes.

Thankfully, VANEats has paired up with one of the most popular Indian places in town, Siddhartha’s for their latest package, #Siddsation.

Please note that I was invited by VANEATS to review this package, anything extra I paid for out my own pockets!

Here is what’s included in the Siddsation Package ($18):

A. Aloo Tiki, 2 crispy potato cakes served with a blend of Delhi, tamarind, mango sauces topped with pomegranate and cilantro
B. Kuchumber Salad, sample size of fresh cucumber, onion, tomato & bell peppers served with chaat masala & chef special dressing
C. Chicken Korma, boneless chicken pieces cooked in an exotic curry, accented with cashew nut and raisin gravy
D. Butter Chicken, creamy Shahi sauce infused with fenu-greek leaves, cream, tomato marinade and a hint of coconut. Tossed with boneless marinated smoked chicken; a rich and unforgettable perfection

We arrived a little after the dinner rush, so it wasn’t too busy. This little restaurant is well decorated with it’s dark wood furnishings, Buddha art and bamboo and floral arrangements in a minimalist type setting. The best seats in the house have got to be right at the window where the comfier chairs are located!

We started off with the Mango Lassi ($3.99), a blended drink consisting of mango and yogurt. The drink was quite heavy, so it was perfect for Brian (my dining partner of the evening) and I to share.

The first item off the package is the Aloo Tiki. These are two crispy potato cakes served with ‘a blend of Delhi, tamarind, mango sauces” ours was topped with mango and pineapple. The taste is similar to a samosa – as I’m sure some of the spices used to make this dish resemble it (coriander and masala).

The twist? The sweetness from the fruit and underneath the Aloo Tiki were slices of tomatoes to cut the heaviness of the potato cake. This was quite flavourful and set the tone of the entire meal.

We also ordered Garlic Naan ($2.50) on the side, which was a good idea that complimented the rest of the meal well. This Naan was crispy and soft and had a great garlic flavour without being too overpowering. It served as a great way to enjoy the Butter Chicken and Chicken Korma that went with the rest of the package.

Up next was the Kuchumber Salad, which is a sample size of freshly tossed cucumber, tomato, bell peppers and some greens with chaat masala and Chef Siddhartha’s special dressing. The taste of the spices were quite powerful in this dish, to give these otherwise bland vegetables a great taste to it. The dressing is very light so not to weigh down the dish.

Our Chicken Korma, Butter Chicken and Rice came next. Brian definitely enjoyed the Chicken Korma out of the two. This delicious slightly sweet dish is boneless chicken cooked in curry with a cashew nut and raisin gravy. Definitely something different that I’ve never experienced before! I did enjoy this dish too, I never thought of making a gravy out of raisins, so I learned something new that day.

The Butter Chicken is made in Shahi sauced infused with fenu-Greek leaves, cream, tomato and a hint of coconut. This is by far the most delicious Butter Chicken I have ever experienced. Butter Chicken is obviously not the most healthiest of dishes but when you do have it, it’s great to taste the many flavours that go into this particular dish to make it stand apart from other recipes from other restaurants. I noticed that this isn’t as oily or greasy as other restaurants as well.

Thinking that this might not be enough food, Brian and I also ordered the Katsuri Malai Tikka ($12.99). This dish is roasted chicken which is quite tender served with two different sauces. One sauce was similar to the Butter Chicken’s sauce but tasted a little lighter than it (maybe no coconut in it?), the other I’ve had before at other restaurants but I’m not quite sure what it’s called but it was very refreshing and light.

Overall, Brian and I enjoyed our dinner – we were so stuffed at the end, we had to waddle back home! It’s great to find a nice Indian restaurant that’s quite central. We will definitely be back for more!

Check out their website and delivery menu here.

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