What is a girl to do when she’s just about to do groceries and out of a lot things to make much else? She makes curry. I have to thank the Thai House Green Curry for doing most of the work – I basically threw in any left overs I had to create my meal. This included red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms and onions. I found two apples in my fridge and decided to chop em up and throw them in as well.

Of the three types of Thai House curries, the Green is the most spiciest. And this is a great degree of spiciness if you are like me and enjoy a little heat when you eat. If you feel that this curry sauce is too hot you can always add coconut milk to dilute it.

I couldn’t finish the curry on my own, so the next day I threw in some udon and made curry udon. Yum!

Apple Curry:
1 Packet of Thai House Curry (in this case, Green)
1 Apple, chopped into chunks
1 small green pepper
1 small red pepper
1/2 small onion
3-4 medium mushrooms sliced

1. Slowly bring the curry in the packet to a boil.
2. Add your ingredients and cook your vegetables to your liking.
3. Add udon to the mix or serve with rice.