Today is the second day of EAT! Vancouver, the Food and Cooking Festival happening at BC Place Stadium. There are tonnes of things to see including demonstrations, cooking competitions, cooking classes, culinary and travel information and even some great equipment for your kitchen.

There is a dedicated area for eating – figures this would be my first stop. There are many different restaurants here including Dunn’s Famous, Tacofino, Siddhartha’s Kitchen and so on. You’ll have to purchase tickets to trade for items here and throughout the festival. For 20 tickets is $10 – most restaurant offerings go from 4-6 tickets.

There are also a lot of brands set up here that you would probably overlook when grocery shopping.

Today I got to try Boccalino salad dressing, I enjoyed the Basil Garlic flavour very much.

We also tried the Good Drink teas – the mango tea was very refreshing.

Right next to them was Cabana Lemonade, natural and tasty. We tried the tropical mango lemonade.

Boylan is just around the corner and I’m already a big fan of their Black Cherry drinks – today I tried the Root Beer and Cane Soda. I enjoyed both and I’ll be happy to see them served in more places throughout Vancouver.

We tried the Extreme Bean which were beans with different flavours. I’m not entirely sure which one it was exactly, but the beans were nice and spicy.

Another favourite of mine is Rain City Soups. I had my first experience with the Butternut Squash one at the Social Media Awards and today I tried the Tomato Pesto Soup. If you haven’t tried their soups, you just have to – they’re just so delicious.

Almond Fresh was also present. This is by far my favourite almond milk. I’ve only had the plain and chocolate one before but today I tried the vanilla and coconut – both of which were delicious. They aren’t too sweet which is what really sells me about Almond Fresh.

Finally, we came across this booth that was selling old school candies and this awesomely dressed sampler. Very cool.

EAT! Vancouver is open until 9pm today and open again tomorrow from 10am to 5pm. You can buy tickets right on their site which is cheaper than at the door ($2 off)! I’m looking forward in checking out some shows tomorrow again!
Review Please note that I was invited to the EAT! Vancouver show.