Go Fish is just off the seawall when you enter Granville Island. It is a hidden gem but it is the best fish and chips on Granville Island hands down. I went with Adrian Ver, we were chatting about his new found interest in vlogging. It was a hot, sunny Sunday and the lineup took around 45 minutes to an hour to get our food.

It was worth it.

The burritos/wraps are the best. The salmon in these ones were peppery, moist and in harmony with the salad they serve inside it. Adrian had the oyster one and said he wish he had the salmon one first, because the oyster one was so good. (I did not have it, so I don’t know what it tasted it like!)

The fish and chips themselves were not too greasy, fresh and so filling – I could barely finish my fries after. They had a slight, sweet taste because the batter is Granville Island Beer batter, which made me want more even though being extremely full.

5/5 I’ll have to come back and try their po boy.

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