Just last week, we celebrated Nathalie’s birthday. One of her favourite places to go is Les Faux Bourgeois. This quaint restaurant is situated right in Mount Pleasant on Fraser street. If you’ve ever walked by here, you’ll know it is always packed and there are always people waiting. This is why it’s important to make reservations – in fact, the chances of getting a table is very slim if you just walk in. During busier parts of the year (holidays), you have to make reservations several weeks in advance.

What I love about Les Faux Bourgeois is that it stays so very authentically French. Our hostess and our server both have beautiful French accents. You feel like you’ve been transplanted to France but without the pretentiousness. Our server was very friendly and joked with us throughout the evening. He even entertained my dad’s (poor) French skills.


Nathalie and I started with a celebratory glass of our favourite wine here – the Lorgeril L’Orangeraie Rose ($9). This sunny wine is light and refreshing that we all enjoy.


A warm baguette and butter basket came shortly after we ordered.


We started with the Assiette De Charcuterie ($12) – a charcuterie board. Our server mentioned that some of the meats were from Spain and one was bison. On the side are some cornichons and Dijon. This is a great way to start a meal and each slice had a different and distinct flavour to them.


Brian ordered the Filet De Boeuf Grille ($22). This is a tenderloin steak with potato gratin and glazed vegetables. You can choose which sauce will accompany this dish, Brian went with herb butter which was a very healthy portion atop his steak. The steak is tender, juicy and tastes even more buttery with the herb butter on top. Brian was most pleased with the potato gratin which is thinly sliced potato and cheese. I think I ordered this last time I came here and it was amazing.


I ordered Le Steak Frites ($18) which is their Hanger steak served with frites (or salad) and again, served with your choice of sauce. I chose the red wine shallot jus. I love the steak here, it is so tender and juicy. The steak itself is quite flavourful but of course it’s a thousand times better with the red wine shallot jus. Also the fries here are so good. I’m not entirely sure how this is possible – perhaps the oil they deep fry it in – but they are large, crispy on the outside and cooked well on the inside with great flavour.


The birthday girl ordered off the Fresh Sheet menu which was Grilled Lamb served with Ratatouille ($24). It was kind of fun to explain to my dad what the ‘vegetables’ were called. It’s basically stewed vegetables that are served most of the time as a side dish, like here for example. The grilled lamb was so tender and had a little bit of the gamey taste but still very enjoyable.

Finally, we finished off with the Nut-crusted chocolate silk cake ($7) to celebrate the birthday girl. What I love about French desserts is that they are so filling and heavy. You will never be hungry after eating French food. The cake had a nice crunchy nut layer to it on the bottom but the chocolate mousse is heavenly.

I always love coming to Les Faux Bourgeois that I will never say no to the invitation. The food is magnifique and the price is quite fair for French food. You know food is amazing when you start speaking en français!


Bon anniversaire ma chère!

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