Porchetta Sandwich. Immediately you think of Meat & Bread. Just the crispy crackling skin and the tender pork might bring hunger pains to your stomach. For this particular afternoon, I wanted to introduce my parents to this Vancouver phenomenon.

We were much closer to the Pender location, so we decided to go there. When we arrived, we must’ve just made it before the lunch rush because they took our order right away. I ordered 3 porchettas – one for each of us. My dad and I watched as they crafted the sandwich before us, and I noticed the person making our sandwich was adding more salt to it. I didn’t really think much of it until we left with our sandwiches and then took a bite into them.

So salty. Extremely salty, actually.

My dad loves his food salty and he did not enjoy this one what so ever. I watched my mom and dad eat both sandwiches because they’re all about the ‘don’t waste food’ business, but I couldn’t eat more than half of my sandwich without giving up and having my tongue feel like I just sandpapered it.

Not only that, there was substantially less pork than there was the last time I went (which in all fairness was 2 years ago). Here’s a comparison.



We already had walked too far to go back and ask why it was so salty, but I did manage to tweet them – as of today, 8 days later, still no response [Editors note: I just noticed that their twitter stream is basically a sandwich board with no interactions, so definitely not going to get a response there!]. I’m not entirely sure why they added more salt to this sandwich as it is already quite tasty as is but there was just no saving it. I’m kind of sad that I couldn’t have introduced my parents to this when it was really great.

Food: 0


Value: 0



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