Phnom Penh? More like nom nom Phnom penh! My second time to Phnom Penh was with a bunch of Brian’s friends who recently had a baby. I was thinking about it recently and how it must be hard to find restaurants that can cater to new families without it being too noisy for other patrons. I think that Asian places are perfect for this as it’s usually quite loud to begin with.

In any case, we ordered a couple favourites and a couple new things to try.

Beef Luc Lac. I didn’t get to try this originally, but I’m glad I ordered it this time around. It was a little too much for me to finish on my own but the beef is tender and flavourful. A little salty and a little sweet, dishes like these remind me of Filipino breakfast food which consists of rice, eggs and some sort of meat. This dish was great.

We also ordered the Deep Fried Garlic Squid. Similar to what you can get pretty much anywhere, this dish was less greasy and is served with the great lemon pepper sauce that the wings are served with as well. I think the sauce really makes this dish. It was nice and crispy batter yet chewy (but not overly so) in the middle.

Brian ordered the BBQ Lemongrass chicken. He really enjoyed his dish, the portion is quite large too on this one.

We also ordered the infamous Marinated Butter Beef. Butter beef is seared with butter and served with cilantro, fried garlic and their ‘secret’ sauce. My dad makes something like this as a side for meat dishes at home (cilantro and sauce) and the way he makes it is with Fish sauce, tomatoes and onions. It sort of tastes this way to me here, so I’m thinking the sauce is also made with Fish sauce and I think a little bit of lemon or lime juice. Anyway, whatever it is is great.

Brian’s friends ordered the Deep Fried Frog Legs too. I haven’t had frog legs in a long, long time so it was interesting to have it again. It was deep fried so the flavour was literally from the batter and the lemon pepper sauce that was served with it. However, the frog legs meat had no distinct taste to it but cut like chicken legs would. Not bad if you’re feeling a little adventurous.

Finally, no trip to Phnom Penh is complete without their famous chicken wings. While the wings itself can sometimes a little dry depending on the situation, today it wasn’t so bad. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I think what really makes this dish though again, is the lemon pepper sauce. The chicken wings are great but they seem to have a huge hype that sets people up to believe they’ll start spewing rainbows and unicorns once they have a taste of it. I’m not knocking it, I think the wings here are great and let’s just leave it at that.

Did you know Phnom Penh takes reservations for 6 or more people? You should make resos for this place as the wait can be an upwards of 1 hour or more!






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