If you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking public transit, more specifically the Canada Line downtown, you have seen this food truck. It sits right atop the Vancouver City Centre stop. Soho Road serves naan kebabs of five different flavours.

Today, Liane and I decided to try the Butter Chicken and Lamb Seekh, we chose the half sandwiches $6 and $9 respectively. The reason behind this was…we were kind of doing a food tour!

The one I chose was the Butter Chicken. The chicken was very tender and flavourful. Enjoyable and it had a crisp, clean after taste thanks to the cucumbers and very sparingly used onions. This half size was good to fill me up to a point where I wasn’t so ridiculously full but content.

Liane chose the Lamb, this was also great. I keep saying I’m not a fan of lamb because of the gamey taste but I’ve been shown differently so many times recently. I enjoyed the lamb here. I really like the fact they wrapped these in naan, one of my favourite things in Indian cuisine.

I also wanted to point out how friendly the man helping us was, he actually smiled and was very courteous to us. Points on hospitality!




Ambiance: n/a


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