The same great people who brought you the Reef, tasty Caribbean food on the Drive and on Main have taken it mobile with the Reef Runner. They are located near the Waterfront (Cordova and Thurlow near the Olympic Torch).

They have great options that are perfect for on the go eats including Roti, Curry, wraps and poutines. One thing that I admire about their food truck is the amount of food they give for the price it is (you’ll see why later on in my review).

Liane and I were a little full because we were doing a bit of a food truck tour that day so we chose to share the Jerk Chicken Poutine ($7) and a Jamaican Patty ($4).

The Jerk Chicken Poutine was big enough for both of us to share and get really full off of. The sauce is a mix of spice, soy, tomato, garlic, ginger and scotch bonnet peppers which gives it this great kick while being a lil sweet and savoury at the same time. The generous amount of cheese and chicken atop the fries was also a welcoming sight. Also, the fries were nice and crispy and didn’t become too soggy with the poutine.

The Jamaican Patty. Liane can attest to the fact that I lived off a couple of these during our days at school. But this is no ordinary Jamaican Patty, this is monstrous! To put it into perspective, I used to buy Jamaican patties at school for $2 plus tax and they were probably half the size of this and not as tasty. They didn’t have beef and so we stuck with the vegetarian one. It was good, but I think I would’ve preferred the beef one more, so I’ll have to come back again to try one.

There are great combos, but I’m sure you could probably get full from just some of the items on the menu. For the size, these prices are completely worth it. I always have an issue with food trucks charging an arm and a leg for what they’re providing (when I could easily go to a restaurant near by for the same price) but not here. I’d like to come back and try their Tabago Wrap and Roti for sure. They also offer Ginger Soda.

Be sure to check out their Food Truck and also their restaurants that serve fantastic Caribbean food as well!






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