Patio season is finally back! This particular patio was a lunch at the newly renovated Urban Thai Bistro with my bestest, Nickie.

All their lunch specials come with salad and spring roll and are $9 which makes it a super affordable option in Yaletown.

The salad and spring roll is a perfect start to your lunch, not too much but enough to whet your appetite for your main dish.

All curries and stewed dishes come with a generous amount of rice. I have to apologize, I thought the lunch menu would be available online when I got home so that I could read it off there, but I couldn’t find a lunch menu.

This first dish was slightly spicy and served with bell peppers, eggplant, basil and we chose tofu to go with it. This was my favourite dish out of the two we shared.

The second dish was slightly sweet and tangy – served with celery, peas, pineapples, ginger and chicken. This was also a good dish, but not being a big fan of ginger, I preferred the first dish than this one.

For my drink on the patio, I went with my favourite at the Thai House restaurants – the Royal Thai. It’s basically fresh coconut milk and lychee – two of my favourite ingredients blended with some crushed ice. Delicious!

The patio has been redecorated so that there are solid but comfortable patio ‘bench’ seating. I’ll definitely have to come back and enjoy the new interior very soon!






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