A new ramen shop has opened in the stretch of Bidwell through to Denman. It’s name is Marutama Ramen and is located on Bidwell rather than on Robson street.


This lovely little ramen shop has the great fixings of a traditional ramen shop you would find in Japan with it’s wooden exterior and cool interior.


We started off with cold green tea, which was quite refreshing on this warm day. Diana (Foodology) and Amy (The Food Queen) were my eating buddies for this round. In fact, I’m pretty sure Diana has been here more times than I can count on my fingers!


Since it was my first time here, I stuck with the Marutama Tamago Ramen – the most popular dish. Both Amy and I opted for the spicy broth. The broth is different than most of the ramen places down this way, as it is made with chicken. It is also served with Aosa Seaweed which dissolves slowly into the soup that changes the flavour overtime.


The bowl of ramen is not a huge bowl but it is also not a small bowl either. The ramen is made in-house and is delicious. They’re not too soft nor too crunchy – they have that springy taste to them that is quite enjoyable. Although I ordered the spicy broth, I didn’t find it too spicy – but then again I am a big fan of spicy foods. I think though that with enough cold tea at your side, anyone can manage through the spicy broth.


What really solidified this place for me was the boiled egg. Let me say, I am no fan of boiled egg. On occasion, I’ll have a nice soft boiled egg but otherwise, I don’t really care for it. However this place has made me a believer. I can honestly eat a dozen of these eggs (though I’ll refrain, my doctor will probably have some stern words for me). They must be boiled in a broth to give the outside egg white to turn colour and taste nothing like egg at all. It’s a little salty but overall very savoury taste – I want to say chicken broth like but I’m not quite sure. The yolk is slightly soft and is great as well.


Would I come here again? Definitely yes. We were lucky to not wait in line this time, but I think that even if I had to, it would be worth it!

Food: mini5forks

Service: mini4forks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini4andahalfforks

OVERALL: 4forks


Visit their website and check out their menu here

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