A spur of the moment decision was to try out Romers Burger in the River District. I had a temporary moment where I thought it was the Riverview- but that would be a whole entire different area and feel (considering that I was thinking of the once massive mental hospital that was shut down not too long ago in Coquitlam). Yeah…it is completely not the droid I was looking for.


The River District is the area between Marine Drive and where the Fraser River meets. It’s this great little neighbourhood that is becoming more popular that is quiet and quite family friendly it seems. Brian and I sat outside on the patio and we were watching tugboats go up and down the river and families walking their dogs.

We arrived around 8pm on a Friday and STILL this place was packed. We ended up waiting maybe 30-40 minutes for a table, but since we had already drove all the way there, we didn’t mind the wait. It started to thin out once we were seated.


We started off with drinks – Brian with the Mango Mint Iced Tea ($5) and I had the Cherrytree Cola ($4). The Mango Mint Iced Tea was refreshing and had a hint of both the mango and mint flavours that didn’t overpower the drink. The Cherrytree Cola is supposed to be cherry flavoured sugar cane cola but I personally was not a fan – the taste reminded me too much of cough syrup, but Brian didn’t seem to mind it.

For the main event, I ordered the Romers Righteous Rib Burger and Brian ordered the Man’s Man Burger.


The Man’s Man Burger consists of thick applewood bacon, amber ale cheddar, onion strings, smoked alder salts, vine ripened tomato and whole grain mustard ($12). This burger was packed and with it, had a great flavour. The bacon was nice and crispy on the edges and the onion strings also helped give the burger that distinctive crunch and taste. Brian is not a fan of whole grain mustard, but I am a huge fan and I think this really livened up the dish. For good measure, all burgers are served with an olive and a pepperoncini on the side.


My burger was Romers Righteous Rib Burger ($12). This is made with angus beef, applewood bacon, braised short ribs, sweet onions, gorgonzola garlic sauce and fresh thyme. It was a beauty of a burger, there is so much meat going on in this burger, it could satisfy any carnivore’s craving. The braised short ribs was so tender and the angus beef patty is perfect. I love that the brioche bun was perfect for this burger. There are many times where you go to burger places and the bun completely falls apart because it can’t handle the sheer capacity of what’s inside a burger – but not Romers. They know their buns! I felt a little guilty that I had not ordered any vegetables to accompany my dish, but it really isn’t needed. Speaking of vegetables, if you’re looking shave a couple of the calories off the burger you can get it served in lettuce for just 75 cents more.

Sides are not automatically served with the burgers here so you’ll have to order them separately. I ordered the Fresh Chopped Garlic & Sea Salt fries ($5) and Brian ordered the Killer Poutine ($8).


In retrospect, we could’ve just ordered one of the sides and shared them as we were too full to finish either. The Garlic and Sea Salt fries were so delicious, they literally just throw on so much garlic that it just is so tasty! The fries are made great, crispy on the outside and cooked on the inside without being to greasy. This is so great and I would definitely recommend ordering these fries.


Brian’s Killer Poutine was good, the amount given was enough to be a meal by itself. The gravy was nice because it was a little salty and surprisingly didn’t make the fries too soggy. The cheese was smartly placed on the bottom of the dish so it was very melty and perfect to enjoy.


Finally, dessert. I here so many great things about their mini doughnuts that I just had to order it. They’re called the R Famous Drunken Doughnuts. These lil doughnuts may look comparable to the ones you’d get at Playland or the Night Market but don’t be fooled by their appearance. They are SO delicious. The exterior is slightly crispy but all bready and slightly sweet in the middle. You could eat these bad boys by themselves but you get three different sauces – Lemon Limoncello, Maple Whiskey and Kaluha Nutella. Our favourite was the middle one, the Maple Whiskey. It was like dipping the doughnuts into caramelly heaven! This is also a definite must order when you’re there.

What I’d like to order when I come back would be some dips for the fries – they have so many different flavours but the ones that caught my eye were bacon mayo, truffle aioli, tamarind chill and la bomb (spicy & hot). I also appreciate the fact that Romers likes to use Heritage Range Fed Angus Beef, Fraser Valley Free Range chicken and turkey, Natural Pork and Coastal Waters Wild Salmon and Halbut. Hats off to them for that.

Food: mini4andahalfforks

Service: mini4forks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini4andahalfforks

OVERALL: 4forks

Check out Romer’s Burger Bar website and menu here.

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