A recent lunch with friends brought us to Spaghetei, a newly opened Japanese spaghetti joint. Japanese spaghetti in the heart of ramen town? Sounds like an great alternative. Lucky for me, they just started accepting debit/credit the day we decided to go.


My friends ordered the Neapolitan and Chaliapin (both $12).


The portion size is good – not too much that you’ll be rolling out of the restaurant but not too little that you’ll still be hungry afterwards.


Our dishes came with garlic toast that is made with garlic butter and spinach pesto. And interesting pop of colour in the bread. It doesn’t have too strong of a taste, so it isn’t too overwhelming and compliments your spaghetti well.


I ordered the Butter & Soy Sauce ($13) that comes with shrimp, shimeji mushroom, spinach tossed in a butter soy sauce dressing. What I liked about this dish was definitely the different sauce you are used to with traditional spaghetti. The buttery soy sauce was nice and savoury and a good balance of both. The veggies were plentiful but I had one lonely shrimp on my plate.


I’m not too sure if it’s true for other ethnicities, but sweet tomato sauce is pretty popular in Filipino cuisine as well. I think they have a great product here but I feel for the price, it’s a little bit much. I think what they need to do is either lower the price by a dollar or two to compete with the local ramen places nearby or maybe use local ingredients to justify the price (maybe source the sausages from a local meat vendor).

Asides from that, I think that it would be a good experience to try this place out, just to experience what Japanese Spaghetti is and what it tastes like. I’d like to visit another time to try their Meat Sauce and Bacon & Natto dishes. The service here was good, our server was very friendly and apologetic when she forgot about my card for a while when we were done.

Food: mini3andahalfforks

Service: mini4forks

Value: mini2forks

Ambiance: mini3andahalfforks

OVERALL: 3forks

Visit their website and menu here.

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