For Fathers Day, my dad was a little on the fence of what to do/where to go/what to eat. At first I made plans to take him out for dinner but seeing that he just came back from a trip, he wanted to eat at home. He made a strange request that I cook lobsters and some of the Korean noodles (Jap-Chae)  I made recently in my own home.

I decided to do it up a little more and make some Korean side dishes as well. This post is going to focus on the Lobsters I made but you can also take a look at the Korean dishes I made too. Click on the appropriate title to jump to the dishes I made that evening:


Candied Sweet Potato (Matang)

Sesame Seasoned Spinach

Korean Seafood Pancake

Okay, back to the lobsters. I’m going to be honest and say I’ve never cooked lobsters once in my entire life. But I was up for the challenge (especially watching a couple youtube videos on how to prepare a lobster!). Brian and I went to our local grocery store and looked at our crustacean friends in the tank.

I asked for 6 lobsters, and the lady proceeded to catch em and prep them for transportation. It was taking her a while and Brian asked me if she was killing them so that we didn’t have to. Umm…that’s not how it works!

She gave us the big bag of lobsters (still alive, much to Brian’s chagrin) and we took it home. This was the day before the actual Father’s Day dinner, so cold-heartedly, I threw them directly into the freezer (badum ties!). I think this was probably less terrifying then having to cook them live.


The next day, I went over to my parent’s place and tossed them all into the sink. I gave them a good rinse and brought a large pot with lots of salt to a boil.

My dad pointed out that I should probably cut the antennas for easier serving. I did so and then cooked three at a time (since the pot could only hold three). We let them cook for 14 minutes. Some people say you should cook it between 12-14, but being the first time I’ve ever cooked lobster, I decided over kill would be better than undercooked.


After they were done cooking, these poor little guys were bright red. I put them aside to cool and boiled the rest of the lobsters. After they were cool, I cut them straight down the spine. This isn’t as easy as Jamie Oliver made it look in the youtube video.

The best way is to start from the middle of the spine and cut down the top half first. Then flip the lobster around and cut firmly down the tail end. Use a sharp, heavy knife to cut and make sure the chopping board is anti-slip (you can use a wet towel underneath the chopping board to keep it in place).

fathersday-20 Some people take out the roe (red part) in the middle and also the excrement, but apparently my dad thought it would be a waste to not eat it so I kept them in. I melted some butter and garlic and we doused the top of the lobsters with it, along with a fresh squirt of lemon.


My dad loves eating lobsters and crabs with some vinegar, hot peppers and a little bit of salt as a dipping sauce. Try it with rice, it’s quite good!

I made a Vine video on the day I made them, check it out here and follow me on Vine/Instagram (@deedls)!