There have been many times where I’ve passed by here and wanted to stop, but for whatever reason, I was either on my way to eat somewhere else or already full off whatever I just ate (tough life, I know). But dining with two other foodies, Diana (Foodology) and Amy (Food Queen) gave us a great reason to check it out (even if we had just ate some delicious ramen).

Okay, so just to be clear – Nero Waffle Bar expects you to order first before you take a seat, as we found out when we were told that it was no-no for me to sit down outside on the patio before ordering to save us some seats. There wasn’t anyone behind us, but there was a couple in front of us (who ended up having a seat inside anyway). Anyway, if this is a big deal – which I could see it being one since they’re normally very busy – it’d be great for them to have that right outside on their menu so that it’s clear.

Now back to our food. There are two ways you can get your waffles – the Belgium waffle and the Leige Waffle. The difference? The liege is chewier, softer and has pearled sugar in it.


Amy ordered the Banella ($6.95) with the liege waffle. Great looking and healthy.


Diana ordered the Rudoph ($9) on a Belgium waffle. As you can see it’s served with vanilla ice cream, Belgium chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries drizzled in chocolate, powdered sugar and whipped cream. Beautiful.



I ordered the Mocha ($8.90) on a Belgium waffle. This monstrosity is topped with vanilla ice cream, 60% dark chocolate and espresso infused whipped cream. It’s just as delicious as it looks. The waffles stayed quite crispy (or maybe I just ate fast, who knows!). The espresso whipped cream had a hint of the espresso taste and the white chocolate ice cream was nice and refreshing. I honestly enjoyed Diana’s Belgium chocolate mousse better, but this is also a great waffle to try.

Food: mini5forks

Service: mini3forks

Value: mini4forks

Ambiance: mini3andahalfforks

OVERALL: 4andahalfforks

Check out their website here.

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