Growing up in and around Vancouver included a lot of times at bubble tea cafes. Back in my day (says the old lady), there were a select few that were the cool spots to hangout at. One of these was Pearl Castle. Pearl Castle has done fairly well for itself and still remains one of the consistent places to go for bubble teas and set menu food.

This particular visit was a last minute decision, as Brian and his brother both had the day off. I never really say no when 1) food is involved and 2) I get to see my little nephew, Kaiden. It’s so wondrous being a baby and by far they are the luckiest couple to have such a well behaved baby.

So the Pearl Castle we decided to go to is in the same plaza as Dragon Lord, Posh and that great hot pot place. I want to call it Continental Square, but I might be wrong. Anyway the cross street is Sexsmith and Cambie Road.


Brian ordered the crispy chicken curry ($8.25). Which is served separately to keep the chicken from going too soggy.


The crispy, salty chicken is delicious on it’s own, but the curry really brings it to another level. The curry is simple with carrots and potatoes.




I ordered the Schezuan Chicken ($6.75), if you add a bowl of steam rice and a side dish it’s $2.25. So my dish came to $9. The portion is good and I love the vegetables that come in these set meals. Today it was garlic broccoli, some sort of gai lan and marinated tofu.


My chicken was mostly fat and skin, but the chicken meat was nice and tender. The level of spiciness is tolerable, in fact not very spicy at all which is good for people who want to try it but not want to regret trying it!


I also ordered Lychee Black tea ($3.95), delicious but sweet. They have other milky bubble teas here, I remember picking up a mocha bubble tea last time I was here and they put marshmallows and chocolate sauce. It was a dessert on its own!

There are a lot of places to visit in Richmond but sometimes you just crave these great set meals. They’re simple and filling, the atmosphere is fine to bring your parents to or catch up with your friends.

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Visit their website and menu here.

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