The Food Cart Festival is partly why I am fat.

food cart festival mogu

On July 14, I went to eat at Mogu. I had their special, which was a beef-teriyaki burger. I loved this alternative in a bun instead of on top of rice. The burger was runny from the sauce. I loved the spices in the chicken karaage a lot, it was hard to share with Paul!

I definitely think the mist people are totally necessary. Getting a spritz from them is so refreshing, I wish there were more undercover areas in the fest!

food cart festival headband

On July 21, I went a couple places. It’s funny… My friend Lauren is a health nut, she exercises a lot and watches her diet. But the first thing she says, straight up is “I’m gonna eat until I puke.” So needless to say, I had two lunches plus got an awesome headband!

food cart festival vijs railway express

I started off with Vij’s Railway Express butter chicken. It was weird at first having fried chicken in the butter chicken, and it was very hot out so I didn’t actually eat this as fast as I’d like. But seriously, it was so good – this new twist, the fried chicken and kick from the peppers is something I’d die for usually. Oof! It was too hot out though! I’d probably have the kebobs if the weather is piping hot again.

food cart festival dog

We also saw this dog with sunglasses walking around. If you are the owner, I could not not take a picture.

food cart festival moms grilled cheese

The second round was Mom’s Grilled Cheese. Lauren got a multigrain with cheddar, but she wanted havarti too. So I got marbled bread with havarti. We traded half our sandwiches. You know a place is legit when the cut the cheese brick from the larger side! The kettle chips and pickle was so good! I downed this super fast!

I bought a headband from Tina, from Carnal Designs. Her kiosk is fantastic! It’s paired with a 1950s boutique-type dress vendor. I’ll really have to come back!!

food cart festival yolks

On July 28, I took several of my friends: Simon, Rafael, Brian, Jill, Sandie, Lauren. I had chicken and waffles from Yolks Breakfast. My god. I wanted more, they give you a small portion, but it is amazing. The waffles are fluffy and syrup covered, the chicken sandwiched in between and are bite sized so you can pick them up with your fingers! Yum!

food cart festival reef runner

Sandie and I shared deep fried beets from Le Tigre. It was so greasy, piping hot and delicious. The beets were sweet and juicy and the sauce they gave us was salty so it was a perfect balance. Plus all the cute boys from Le Tigre were wearing kawaii Hello Kitty framed glassless glasses!

food cart festival reef runner

We sat at Habitat Island for a while, trying to skim rocks and watch the boats pass. We returned to meet up Brian and his wife, Jill. My final round was at the Reef Runner. I had the jerk chicken poutine. The sauce was sweet and spicy. I usually cannot stand poutine at all, because it’s just too greasy. It’s something I share with friends. But this sweet sauce didn’t feel too heavy to me, and the chicken was shredded perfectly, the cheese in bite sized amounts that my sensitive stomach could handle it. I loved it as well, as the fries are thin and salty and just right. I’ll have to try one of their patties!

More soon! I plan to go every week. I only wish the portions weren’t so small for the prices.


The Food Cart Fest happens every Sunday from now until September 22nd at 215 West 1st, $2 admission. For more information check out the website here
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